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Vegetable Seeds 50% off

All packs of vegetable seeds are 50% off.

Now is the time to start planting for the spring.


Beets (Detroit), Lima Beans (Fordbook 242)Beans (Blue Lake Bush)Pea (Dwarf Grey Sugar),                            Pepper (California,  Wonder),Lettuce (Black Seeded Simpson)Kale (Early Siberian)Cucumber (Straight 8),     Carrot (Danver), Squash (Crookneck)Squash (Straightneck), Spinach (Bloomdale), Radish (Cherry Belle)Pumpkin (Big Max), Watermelon (Sugar Baby), Turnip (Purple Top), Tomato (Rutgers), Swiss Chard (Lucullus)




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50% off all Vegetable Seeds

50% off all vegetable seeds, Vegetables can be planted again in the fall or the spring.

Save now on your seeds.

We have the the following available