Landscape Construction

J. E. Purdue Landscaping provides clients with a realistic vision for their new landscape before the work begins, incorporating hardscapes, or stone work, into the design. Our philosophy determines the foundation before selecting the plantings in the construction design. We give structure, dimension and definition to a landscape while blending with the surrounding architecture and setting, creating a distinctive look that achieves the planned functionality.

Solution-oriented approaches include:

  • Retaining walls to not only beautify, but also maximize potential landscape space, level sloped areas and resolve drainage issues.
  • Patios that create outdoor rooms, which can be enhanced with spas or outdoor kitchens to bring the ambience and function of the indoors into the outdoor landscape.
  • Overhead structures, such a pergola or arbor, offers shelter, privacy and architectural design while providing support for climbing plants.

After determining the type/s of installations, the landscape design incorporates grading, flowerbeds, ornamental and shade trees, footpaths and inviting walkways to open up and embellish the space surrounding your home or business.